I was listening to a sermon on my way to work. As the preacher was reading part of Acts 10:9-34, he got to the part of Peter’s vision where a sheet was coming down 3 times with a whole bunch of animals, “clean & unclean” according to the Jewish law. God said, “Kill & eat!”

A lifetime of obeying that law, Peter declared, “NO!” to God stating that nothing unclean has ever touch my lips. Eventually, Peter gives in to God.

There are two takeaways I find in this section of verses. One is the obvious: that God has opened up all kinds of animals to all continual believers in His name. Two-God has also opened up salvation to all believers despite their race, color, shortness, tallness, what language that they speak, political views, male or female, national origin, etc…

GOD ISN’T RACIST!!! Or whatever you accuse Him of. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came down here from heaven to prove that! He physically died a horrible death on the cross, so that we could have an opportunity to be with Him in heaven, where He’s working on somebody’s mansion right now!

All of you are Christians, right? Become an active believer in the game telling others instead of being a bench warmer.

Here is a couple of YouTube videos on what should be the Christians’ response to racism:

“Bleed the Same”-Mandisa (ft. Toby Mac & Kirk Franklin)

“Color Blind”-Beacon Light