Rough Week with a Happy Ending…

I had a rough week last week. 3:07 pm this past Monday, I got into a car accident. See, I was headed down I93 South when I got off exit 4. At the end of the exit there was a stop light. I waited for it to turn green, & then I went. This other driver who hit me admitted she ran a yellow. Hmm…

All the parties were ok, although this is just what I didn’t need. And now, I have to deal with all the rig-a-morals that go along with a car accident: going to my car insurance company, getting calls from the other people’s car insurance company, the general rental car fiasco, etc..
Then, on top of it all, I had my daughter flying in for her best friend’s wedding. All 3 women in my house were super busy making sure the wedding went off without a hitch. And it almost did, only fee minor mishaps. The wedding & the reception were wonderful.

Imagine what Jesus Christ had to go through in His last week to provide us a way to heaven? Think of it. Jesus Christ went through an ultimate exhaltarion from His people to the dreadful cross in just 1 week. Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ rose again 3 days! And it was evidenced by 500 people before He went up to heaven to begin work on the mansions! 😁

Wait a minute, I almost forgot about the wedding & the forever reception. Oh yeah!!! I can’t wait! Can you?

“The Marriage Prayer”-John Waller