Detailing Your Car, Detailing Your Life…

I’m here @ Epping, NH Mcdonald’s chewing on some fries & occasionally drinking a soft drink while I’m waiting for our 2007 Toyota Corolla to get detailed. Basically, all they will do is wash the outside, the inside, & give it a state inspection sticker built into the price of the vehicle that we purchased on Thursday night.

As I was walking down to McDonald’s, a thought came into my mind put there by the Holy Spirit. Us, Christians, could use a spiritual detailing every once & a while, depending on how you live your life or depending if God wants to teach you something for later use. More often times, it’s both, however.

Please, if you are sure where you are going when you die, or perhaps you think that all there is to life is your life right now, I beg of you to take an introspective look of your life. If you find that you are living without God, believe me, He wants a relationship with you so that He can call you His friend. For He knows it all-the beginning, the present, & the future. Give your life to Him! And then, if you do, you can enjoy spiritual life from spiritual death. (John 3:1-21; 17:3)

“Life Song”-Casting Crowns

“Words”-Hawk Nelson


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