A chip in the key to the car, a chip in the key to God…

As I waited for an extra key to the car, I was thinking on how I could blog about this. Then, the Holy Spirit gently nudged me in what little brain I have compared to unsurprising wisdom & knowledge of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit put it this way to me: you have a chip in the key to the car which allows you to start the car & a whole bunch of other things too, without the chip you are just limited to opening & closing the car or trunk. Pretty limiting w/o the chip. But, once you have the chip, it opens up a new world of possibilities with your car, including driving it.

The same way with God. Salvation from sin through Jesus Christ is the key to open the “car.” And that is absolutely necessary. If you don’t have the key you can’t get into the car, then you’re up the creek. However, the “chip” that goes in the key to the car opens up a whole new world of possibilities with the “car.”

Many supposed Christians are just happy with the non-chipped key. They don’t want to pursue the further things of God. That is a tragic mistake. We are commanded to mature spiritually as evidenced in the Apostle Paul’s writings.
Read, hear, make it part of your memorization, or do what ever works for you, Philipians 3. Yes, the whole chapter. No, I’m not crazy. The whole chapter! Just keep Philipians 3 fresh in your mind, and act upon it. In fact, in the later half of the New Testament, James says, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:14-15).

Yet, it is our duty as Christians to pass the “key” to God on to someone else, & maybe together you can find the deeper things of God. 😁

“Keys To The Kingdom”-Group 1 Crew