“We have plenty of tasks to do today,” my wife claimed as I sitting on the edge of our bed just getting through talking to our oldest who is off to Liberty University. First task I have to do today, I need to shower. Next, if you would like to join me, I have several tasks that we need to do today. Even though there are other things I could do with my time other than “tasks,” I decided to be a good husband & join her with our youngest daughter (who by the way just started ninth grade). All the sympathies, compassion, & empahies will accepted gladly! 😭(😁)

I got to thinking how can I apply what went on today in doing “tasks” to http://www.truelifechristianity.com? Then the Holy Spirit reminded me just as you do tasks in life, there are certain required spiritual tasks that we, as Christians, should make common place without losing its meaning i.e. praying to Jesus Christ because He’s the One who suffered it all, communion, praising Him, doing whatever to make His glory known throughout the earth, etc…

Do you think I have attained it all? Nope. But, according to 1 Peter 2:21, it says, “To this you were called, because Jesus Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, leaving you an example that you should follow in His footsteps.” Yet, don’t you think it’s our duty to give these spiritual tasks never-ending amounts of tries? I think so. No, I know so!

🙏ing for you!

Here is a few videos about following Jesus:

“No Turning Back”-Brandon Heath

“I Will Follow”-Chris Tomlin

“Follow Me”-Casting Crowns