Shootings, Murders, People Hurt, and a Single Verse…

The verse of the day by youversion came from Hebrews 13:16. The verse says, “Do not neglect to do good & to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.”

Hmm… That single verse has the power to change our thinking if you have reverence for God, doesn’t it? In the midst of the shootings, murders, & people hurt brought to light by the media, don’t you think something’s gotta change in order to stop incidents like the Vegas shootings that happened this week; or the the Baltimore Riot; or the Orlando Shootings that a person was fed up with gay people so he attacked a popular gay bar; or the white person who walked into a “black” church & shot people dead on the east coast of America.

Now, it isn’t the purpose of this website to denounce anything, but point to the Word of God. WWJD seems appropriate here. What Would Jesus Do.

Jesus would be sort of a rebel, here. Loving instead of hating, even by the religious people. Caring instead of being stand-offish, all to bring glory to God the Father. “DO NOT NEGLECT TO DO GOOD & SHARE WHAT YOU HAVE, FOR SUCH SACRIFICES ARE PLEASING TO GOD!”

“Me Without You”-Toby Mac