Trees. I like to look at trees who are free of that pretty little vine-like weed. They look so pretty, so you let them grow until it surrounds the whole tree. While that pretty little vine continually grows, it is slowly chokes out the beautiful tree hoping one day to be majestic.

That is how sin is. It often looks pretty. It is seductive just enough until you give in a little bit. But it’s not done yet. Like that little vine-like weed, it grows to consume that beautiful tree. Although pretty, if you don’t take care of the problem right away, it will consumes you, especially true life Christians.

What is a true life Christian? They are current, unashamed, active believers in Jesus Christ who appear as regular people though, through the Holy Spirit which permeates through their body, act in a way that points them to Jesus Christ. How do we recognize them? Probably, you are closer than you think.