Saying Goodbye for Now…

The father’s role is of utmost importance, especially with daughters. With God’s help, I have tried to be there for my daughters i.e. praying for them, taking them to school & picking them up, taking them out on dates to show them how to be respected & loved as women, driving them to youth group & summer camps, asking them questions as to what they learned from various places, etc… All in all, to send them off to experience true life by themselves + 1 (the Holy Spirit who lives within their soul).

Well, the time came last year for our oldest daughter at 18. However, she didn’t have enough cash, money, or “cheese” to go to undergraduate college as she was realizing her dreams of going to college were gone, at least for last year. As you can imagine, our oldest felt depressed questioning if she really wanted to go to college as a result of that experience. I could identify with her, as a horrible, horrific, & tragic car accident almost took my life when I was 18.

So, I could have identified with her better, by sharing my inner most feelings with her during that time of my life. However, I failed in that area, but I continued to pray for her knowing that God knows what is going to happen with the rest of her life, & we do not. (*Confession, I even thought that a horrible accident would happen to her while she was waiting to make her onstage career given what happened to me when I was 18)

But, thankfully that didn’t happen; instead, she worked & did online college. Then, suddenly, she announced that she wanted to go down to Liberty University to check out CFAW (College For A Weekend). Once she told me that, I knew by the Holy Spirit that she would be attending there this fall.

Where is she right now? At LU, studying Theatre as her major. Yet, it doesn’t seem like I had enough time with her. Saying goodbye for now, wasn’t easy. And, yes I still miss her.

Thinj of the feelings Jesus is going through. It was common when I was growing up that Jesus doesn’t have feelings. As John 11:35 says,

“Jesus wept.” (ESV)

Yet, that’s why Jesus promised us a Comforter, the Holy Spirit (John 7:37-39), when He went away to build us mansions in heaven (John 14:1-3). Let those that have the Holy Spirit, not let Him go to waste. 😉

For Jesus is currently busy with building our mansions! So wait until Jesus comes back for His believers aka true life Christians; as the great commission tells us, we have a duty to spread the Word!

“My Little Girl”-Tim McGraw