Scared Crooked to Scared Straight…

We are having a Trunk or Treat @ Christ Community Church of Weare, NH. If your in Southern NH, you should check us out. It is happening from 2-4pm on Saturday.

Although we will have fun there, we plan on doing everything from playing games for candy, face-painting for candy, Police & Firetrucks for candy, Smores for candy, candy for candy, etc… The pastor’s intent is to give every little child a boat load of candy in 2 short hours so that you will return to the church the very next day to curse him out for the multiple cavities given to the children the previous day.

Honestly, Christ Community Church loves the Weare community. We just want to join in on all the excitement this weekend brings. So, come one, come all! And we’ll show you how to move from Scared Crooked to Scared Straight!

“Fear Is A Liar”-Zach Williams