3, 2, 1, Until the Christmas Season Begins…

I am constantly amazed by how fast the Christmas Season seems to creep up on us, like the tale of the rabbit & the tortoise. Well, for all the international true life Christians out there, if the tale of the rabbit & the tortoise are foreign to you, let me explain.

The rabbit challenges the tortoise to a race. Clearly the rabbit is faster than the tortoise, & the rabbit knows it. Through dilly-dallying & hanging out with his friends, the tortoise somehow passes the rabbit. So, the rabbit (just like many of us) races fast enough to where he has a comfortable lead, & like a creature of bad habit, the rabbit goes back to old ways of doing things. Unfortunately for the rabbit, he looses the race to the tortoise after doing this procrastination two or three more times during that race.

With Christmas, it’s the same way. We think we have plenty of time, but yet, Thanksgiving is 2 days away, Black Friday is just 3 days away. Sad, isn’t it. However, I am convicted to tell the truth.

Hold on. What does this have to do with what http://www.truelifechristianity.com is all about? Isn’t it about telling the truth in all circumstances no matter what it may cost you? It is, & glad you asked.

See, like the rabbit, we are naturally procrastinators when it comes to spiritual things. We like to act like the rabbit, dilly-dallying until we realize that it is too late, trying to cross the finish line. Don’t be like the people that were frantically trying to get into the ark when it started to rain for 40 days & nights.

But, please accept the gift of Jesus Christ as stated in John 17:3, “This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, & the One You have sent-Jesus Christ” (HCSB). The gift was not Jesus Christ’s birth, but the powerful death on the cross & the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Here is a YouTube video by Chris Tomlin:

“At the Cross”-Chris Tomlin