Black Friday…

The day after Thanksgiving is called Black Friday here in the United States of America. Black Friday marks the beginning of the shopping season between Thanksgiving & Christmas, typically about 4 weeks depending on the number of weekends that separate Black Friday & Christmas.
Would you like to know the reason why this day became known as Black Friday? “By 1961 the term ‘Black Friday’ (and ‘Black Saturday as well) was being used in a disruptive sense by Philadelphia police, who had to deal with the mayhem and headaches caused by all the extra pedestrian and vehicular traffic created by hordes of shoppers heading for the city’s downtown stores on the two days after Thanksgiving” [Snopes-(an internet site)]. However, smart sales people like the heads of Macy’s Department Stores took advantage of it, making it like a national holiday in America. Greedy, the top brass of the sales people, set up what is called “Cyber Monday” in which you could shop online Monday after Thanksgiving.
You might think of a variety of reasons why I should take on an issue of Black Friday. You could think of how un-Biblical it is or isn’t to shop on a day where people take the name of Christ & slap it onto a holiday, & use it to go into debt only to provide a few presents under a Christmas tree here in America. Nope, that isn’t it. I spent money via credit card on some semi-needed sneakers for my daughter for gym @ her school.
“Well, what is it then,” you asked getting mildly frustrated. Get ready… Spiritually speaking, we (true life Christians & the rest) should take what happened to our Savior Jesus Christ seriously: the betrayal; the arrest; being courted around to the high priest & Roman courts; then, being whipped repeatedly with the Cat o’ nine tails; a crown of thorns 2 inches in length being jack-hammered on His head; Him making the arduous journey to the top of Skull Hill called Golgotha; and if that wasn’t enough, He had to endure the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual pain of the past, present, & future sin of the world plus (this is what I think killed Jesus physically) being separated from His Father (Matthew 26-27:61; Mark 14:10-15:41; Luke 22:3-23:49; John 18-19:37).

“Ok,” you say, “but you still haven’t addressed why we should think of Black Friday in spiritual terms?” You know Good Friday? According to the Jewish calander, it comes 3 days before Jesus Christ’s resurrection, Easter here in America. However, what put Him on that cross was our Black as Black sin, making it be a Black Friday.

Please accept Jesus Christ’s sparing of your eternal life not eternal death by accepting Him into your life.

YouTube video: “Lead me to the cross” by Hillsong:

“Lead Me to the Cross”-Hillsong