Cry for you…

In this time of happiness, Christmastime, there are some humans that dread this time of year. Whether it be the recent loss of someone to the past loss of someone around this time of year. Maybe it was someone who did something criminally wrong to you or your family, & that person suddenly died in prison, jiping you of the justice you finally got when they handed down the verdict. Or maybe you have some other reason why this isn’t the most happiest time of year.
From my own life, the autumn of 2000 holds special significance. My grandmother, who I called Ma, died on my brother’s birthday. “Ok,” you say, “sad, really sad. But what again are you trying to get at, what does this have to do with Christmas?” Bridle your horses. Read on…

As I told you, she died on my brother’s birthday. What I didn’t tell you is that I was especially close to my Ma. Over a lifetime, she helped out my mother by watching my brother & me. Often times, we would have supper there because our mother would have to work 12-16 hours, & our dad was working late. My older brother & I grew close to Ma as well as my parents until her physical body passed.

As always, death never takes a holiday as I was wrapping up my master’s program @ Springfield College. Her death could not have come @ a worse time. But it came anyway, & with that 1st Christmastime without Ma would be especially tough.

It was emotional. However, there was a time that emotions were thought of as coming from the devil, Satan, or the Deceiver. Maybe your still under that delusion? Even Jesus Christ was emotional. The classic, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). You say that’s always used. “Just give me another example,” you say. Jesus clears out the money-changers from the temple (Matthew 21:12). You say, “That’s only two.”
In the garden of Gestheme, Jesus was crying out to His Father to take away this cup of suffering; through Christ’s horrible whipping prior to the cross; the jack-hammering down of 2 inch thorns upon His head; before His physical passing He yelled out “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” (Matthew 27:46). With this kind of emotion, you want to believe Jesus Christ wants us emtionless? I believe that Christ wants us to use our emotions with their true intent; that true intent being having us draw closer to Christ.

It’s true that Christ has experienced everyone’s pain past, present, & future. Why don’t you let Him as He Cry’s for you.

This is a YouTube video by Lecrae called Cry for you:

“Cry for You”-Lecrae