A New Christmas Slant…

Generally, Americans act like they are in a rush, partly due to the over commercialization & the digital age that we are living in. Then comes a holiday like Christmas or the Christmas Season in which you feel amazing social pressure if you don’t want to spend as much on presents.

You would think that we would move beyond this commercialization of Christmas; however, we have not, @ least here in the United States of America. Instead we have moved into the era of technology with commercialization. Many Christian organizations have fell prey to this, promising that if you support their ministry, then they promise a free Christmas picture of the nativity (Mary, Joesph, in a nice cozy barn with the baby Jesus surrounded by 3 wise men & a few animals laying down). I don’t think it was like that at all, but enough on that subject for now.

“Ok, what’s your point, then.” The True Life Christians take on this is while the this Christmas Season is focused in on the miraculous birth of Jesus (Luke 2), that isn’t the sole purpose of “baby Jesus” coming to earth. For this is God’s Holy purpose: make us, human beings, with the ability to access heaven, past, present, & future if we only actively believe that Jesus Christ died & bodily came back to life. That’s True Life.

Here’s a picture & a poster to help convey this:

Also, here’s a YouTube video too:

“The Cross Has the Final Word”-Newsbows