The True Life Christians New Year Fixed Purpose for 2018…

Calling all True Life Christians! What is your resolution or fixed purpose for 2018? Some may promise or vow to the Lord for a deeper prayer-life, or for safety in travels praising God every time you are safe at home, or for an absence of stress from work or home so you can effectively witness (tell the truth about God & eternity) to others.
However, all to often, God allows us True Life Christians to go through “it” proving that you are not disciplined enough, or prove that you are not all that confident in a car in order to make it home safely, or you are particularly sensitive to stress. You ask God to take it away without you going through it, whatever the “it” is. Yet, God doesn’t work that way, usually.

God allows “you” to go through “it” so you can trust Him even more. Although it’s terrible while your going through “it,” if you keep your eyes on God you will get a closer relationship with Him. True Life Christianity’s call for every True Life Christian is to trust Him more.

Here is a YouTube video that is by Kutless:

“New Year’s Vow”-Kutless