I have always been about balance in my life. To look at life through the lenses of balance can be quite exhilarating; though, there are instances when balance seems not to go to far like the case of where one of your family members was murdered by an assailant. Your desire for revenge may be insatiable.

I completely understand. Yet, take a look at this verse. It comes from Romans 12:19-

Beloved, never avenge yourseves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengence is Mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” (ESV)

In this mis-often quoted verse, Christians use it as their justification for their acts committed “in the name of Jesus.” In some instances, it can even taken up by the world as justification. How sad! For who can think of anything that compares with hell where Satan and all his cronies will be.

Curious about leaving revenge to the Lord Jesus Christ, I spent countless hours in talking to God, He revealed to me in this particular question: “What is worse than spending an eternity without God?” Awestruck, in my mind I answered, “NOTHING!!!”

Although True Life Christians have a fun side too. We are not just about the religiosity of this world. In fact, we are about relationship with the Most High rather than man-made religion that worships anything but the True God.

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