A True Story You Have To Read…

We met in church about five to ten years ago. His name is Mike Barkasy III, and this is his True Life story…

JESUS taught us that we must live by a higher standard than what the world expects—a standard that is impossible for us to attain by our own efforts. It’s only through the power of GOD’s SPIRIT that HIS people can truly love and pray for those who intend to do them harm (Romans 12:14-21).
When we are devoid of Christ’s Love within us, we are as our enemies are to us.
When Saul was devoid of Christ’s Love within him, he persecuted and killed Christian’s.
Only when Christ , (as Saul fell to the ground ) , placed HIS love into Saul on the Damascus Road , did Saul’s hate convert to love, and he became Paul. However I believe the seed of was planted in Saul when Saul saw Steven’s love for JESUS , as Steven was being stoned and Saul held the coats of those stoning Steven. Saul saw the peace in Steven’s eyes looking up to the Heavens as he died.

A dear friend Pastor David Wilkerson , now past and with the LORD (Born in Pennsylvania) WENT TO THE HARDEST PARTS OF New York City in his youth to bring the Love of Christ to the unloveable of the streets. The pimps, prostitutes and street gangs. In doing so the street gangs hated him and persecuted and stole from him. One of the hardest and most dangerous gangs leaders Nicky Cruz targeted Pastor David many a times. At one time Nicky Cruz (Now a Pastor ) talked at a service that I was at , about how when Pastor David was speaking the Love of Christ to him; how he struck Pastor David very very hard across his face and threatened to kill him. And then how Pastor David struck back Nicky with the words saying “ Nicky ! You can cut me up into a thousand pieces and every one of those pieces will still love you.” Nicky screamed and went crazy when he heard those words; however that was the seed of CHRIST’s Love planted into Nicky.

In time Nicky gave himself to the LORD JESUS just before he was to destroy Pastor David’s Ministry.

To make this story short , Nicky now has a Nicky Cruz Outreach Ministries. The Ministry now brings the Love of CHRIST to other street gangs across the country and has brought many rival gangs peace between them and CHRIST in their lives. The last time I saw Nicky Cruz years ago , I saw the Love of CHRIST in his eyes. It would be worth some of you folks to see the movie made of him and Pastor David’s (The Cross and the Switchblade (1970)

In my life also , there a time I was devoid of CHRIST’s love within me.

However ,to make it short , over 30 years ago my 8 year old (along with 29 other little ones between 6 and 8) had something done to them so reprehensible by a school art teacher. It crushed my heart. I had hate evolve within me to the highest level I could ever imagine. What this man, my enemy did to my son ate at my mind every moment . Over time the court case went on until I found out the verdict for the teacher was a 60 year sentence decreased to a 1 year sentence. Ten months in a mental institution and two months in a prison. I went wild and my hate increased. My hate was so strong I managed to get myself arrested enough times from drinking and driving that I was sent to the same prison he was in. The guards thru the computer found out I was a parent of one of the children this teacher had molested. They told me I would be sent to maximum security and solitary for the protection of the teacher (who was a librarian in the prison now). My hate maxed out.

While I was in solitary an inmate looked thru the greeting card sized little window of my cell. He asked why I was in here. I told him the story of this teacher who molested my child and the inmate offered a way Ithat could have my vengeance .

He told me I could have him killed for two cartons of cigarettes. He told me he could have this teacher thrown own a stairwell head first. For the next two days I planned how I was to get the cigarettes and when I could get my wife to send me money for my commissaries ,but not for commissaries. On the third day I found a Christian track in my bed. It was the story of how Saul became Paul. How a evil , terrible, hateful killer became Paul. Finding out how he wrote almost one third of the New Testament. I then asked GOD, “How can you forgive this man”. I asked GOD ,”How can I forgive this teacher who harmed my little boy”. I was then struck down to my knees and I cried for the person I had become. I cried for the Love of CHRIST to heal me from this hate eating me alive. I then heard a voice say to me,” Are you MINE”? And I answered yes. The Holy Spirit came into me and allowed me to forgive thru JESUS CHRIST. Then on the third morning a prison guard told me to pack up I am leaving this prison because of overcrowding.

There is a SO MUCH MORE to this story during and after my imprisonment. My testimony takes about 90 minutes when I am asked to speak at churches and other churches in other countries. I have brought this story to many churches , parks and streets ; in this country and others since then.

What is ironic is I have been asked and do a outreach with a Pastor a few years ago for ex-inmates , who most of them were sex offenders. Only GOD could have placed me there with those who I would have hated and even killed over three decades ago. These men are looking for the Love of CHRIST in their lives now and for forgiveness. They want to follow JESUS now.

I have brought my testimony to mission trips out of our country and to whoever may need to hear about hate and forgiveness.
I could have never done this in my own flesh , but only thru JESUS CHRIST within me.
Isn’t it time to know how CHRIST can renew life within you?

With Love
Michael Barkasy

It will be 30 years ago I went into the prison on April 30, 1987 and on May 2nd 1987 the Holy Spirit first came to me and taught me to forgive.


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