Fed Up With The Status Quo!

I normally don’t listen to the radio in the car, preferring to listen to musical artists that have Christ as their risen Savior or listen to audio books that have Christ as the only way to actually see God in heaven. Right now, I change them out between listening to NCV version of the Bible and my favorite Christian musical hip-hop artists like Manafest and Lecrae. Occasionally, about every couple of months, I have to take a different car. These was one of those mornings.

Here in America, we have the priveledge to listen to what ever we want as long as it doesn’t promote violence, death, rape, and what not. When I was traveling down the road, listening to Christian radio, I began listening to the radio. It was so sad. All of these Christian terms (which only Christians can understand) tend to be used, when we have a risen Savior in Jesus Christ that longs to be heard and accepted so that you can join Him in heaven.

Jesus used activities that were so prevalent in His day to make a connection with the outside world. Just to give you examples, take the story of someone who was so beat up that it took the most unlikely man to physically save that someone from certain death. Plus on top of all that, paid for that someone’s recovery in a motel/hotel (Luke 10:29-37). Or John 10:1-15 where Jesus uses sheep (they were most prevalent in His physical life and who are the most stupid and stubborn of God’s creation) to get His point across.

Since Jesus Christ’s going up into heaven, True Life Christians have been using the same things, fearing that if we change then they’re risking salvation. How tragic. I believe God wants us to use current words, connections, and what not to impact this current world for Christ.

Diluting the Gospel (Good News message) is always a factor. I don’t ever be accused of doing that. However, it can be done with new and innovative ways to take as many current people to see God in heaven. So, let all current True Life Christians be active in doing the Great Commission with current words, music, and media. That way, when we are judged in heaven (in righteous risk mode-Matthew 25:14-30-which He used money to get at people’s hearts) God will pronounce you righteous as you enter eternal life (Matthew 25:46b). Then you be accused of being Fed Up With The Status Quo!

Now here are some different Christian music selections that are on YouTube. All you have to do is click the link:

Explanation of the song “Criminal”-Manafest





“Song For The Broken”-Barlow Girl

“Call You Out”-Flyleaf

“Start Again”-Red

“State of Emergency”-Pillar