The King of Change…

Change. Jesus Christ is The King of Change. He is always The King of Change exhibited in His physical life on earth. He, Himself, is not subject to change, yet He invites all humanity to change to meet His requirements to be with God. Furthermore, He wants us to fit into His plans because they will somehow let us be better people. Think I am a hypocrite? Before you put down your device, hear me out.

As I said before, God wants a relationship with you. That is one of His deepest desires. There’s not one person that He says, “I don’t want a relationship with him or her because of what they will do or have done.” Look at the Apostle Paul, the murderer turn into an apostle…

Yet, throughout the ages to this present age and on going, God wants a relationship with all of humanity. And humanity had it for a brief time when Adam and Eve were experiencing tremendous bliss before the took and completely devoured the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

At first, I bet you that fruit was tasteful, but like a person who has desiring eyes, once they have it the person is never completely satisfied. So God, in His ultimate wisdom, bans Adam and Eve from enjoying that fruit. But even if Adam and Eve were successful from staying away from appealing fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, then you have to deal with their sons and presumably daughters. The temptation would have been to great once they were confronted by a talking serpent. And don’t think we would do any better. At some point, we would have sinned by taking and devouring the ever-looking scrumptious fruit. (Genesis 1-3)

Once sinned, God went looking for His new creation, Adam and Eve. Not as a vengeful Father, but as a caring One. God wanted to pursue His creation not punish it. However, He could not have Adam and Eve eat the fruit of the tree of Life since that would mean they would enter eternal life maimed.

For Romans 3:23 says,

For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. (KJV)

That was a long way of saying that God desires relationships, but can’t because we have all sinned. Through His Son Jesus, God seeks a way to improve our relationship with Him. Once you actively believe in Jesus Christ, and what Jesus Christ has done for you, then you gain eternal life instead of eternal death. For it is through the eternal Lamb led to slaughter, that all of humanity has access to be with God. If accepted, that indicates one big change.

So, what is The King of Change calling you to do? Do you want join us who have already accepted Change from The King of Change? Just be ready. It might mean a Change in work fields? Change geographical areas, which might even mean moving to another state, country, or continent? Change in habits? Or Change to further your walk with Jesus Christ?

It’s all a little bit scary or fearful, but Change always is. Why not consult The King of Change to find out what should you do or where you should go?