“Inside Out”

I have decided to share one of my favorite books, piece by piece and chapter by chapter. Although convicting to the status quo of modern Christianity, many of the True Life Christians (TLC’s) are preaching, singing, doing plays about, and/or blogging about what it means to have a True Life.

In the introduction, “The False Hope of Modern Christianity,” Dr. Larry Crabb says,

Modern Christianity, in dramatic reversal of its Biblical form, promises to relieve pain of living in a fallen world. … Either way, the point of living the Christian life has shifted from knowing and serving Christ till He returns to soothing, or at least ignoring, the ache in our soul. (17)

True. Although this book was written in 1988, it still holds true, even more so today. I am tired of banging my head up against the wall urging people to smarten up to the reality that God has placed eternity inside our souls (Ecclesiastes 3:11, NIV). However, for us, TLC’s the battle still rages on where we need to pray, heed the instruction that God gives us in His Word, and then take action meanwhile praying through it all.

For it says on pages 23 and 24,

God wants to change us into people who are truly noble, people who reflect an unswerving confidence in who He is, which equips us to face all of life and still remain faithful. … God wants us to be courageous people who are deeply bothered by the horrors of living as part of a fallen race, people who look honestly at every struggle, who feel overwhelmed by what we see, yet emerge prepared to live: scarred, still troubled, but deeply loving. … But this kind of change- change from the inside out- is worth the pain. It makes the Christian life possible. It frees us to groan without complaint, to love in spite of our emptiness, and to wait for the complete satisfaction we so desperately desire.

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