“Inside Out” by Dr. Larry Crabb (Chapter 3- Knowing What To Look For)

Under “Deep Longings and Wrong Strategies” (page 57-58), Dr. Larry Crabb says,

A helpful place to begin is with a record of what God saw when He looked deeply into the hearts of His people during a time when their history when they when they were slipping away from Him. Listen to His comments from Jeremiah 2:13: “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold any water.” … Notice two observations that the text suggests. First, people are thirsty. … Second, people are moving in the wrong directions in order to satisfy their thirst.

Why do “people” (including TLC’s) naturally have the tendency to rebel even though they have the option to do what is right? There is a variety of superficial reasons, but the real reason is that we, ourselves, have the tendency to never be satisfied. There is this insatiable desire to want more. Just look at our world such as rulers, business people, even down to little children. There’s no part of human nature that compels us to be satisfied.

As Dr. Larry Crabb insightfully says on page 59,

It is with an understanding of these two fundamental elements that we can productively explore beneath the surface of our everyday problems. The first element, deep longings, reflects our humanness and all the dignity accorded to us as bearers of God’s image. … The second element, wrong strategies, exists because we are sinful. … An inside look must anticipate uncovering deep, unsatisfied longings that bear our testimony to our dignity, as well as foolish and ineffective strategies for keeping ourselves out of pain that reflect our depravity. Each of us is a glorious ruin.


(*Next week we move into part 2 entitled “We’re Thirsty People”)

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