“Finding Normal: An Uninvited Change, An Unexpected Outcome” by Jeff Huxford, M.D.

In order to make it real, Jacqui Huxford (his wife) has a chapter called, “This Isn’t Normal.” This is an excerpt from this chapter after she first found out that Jeff had been in a horrible car accident:

“I had never been in a situation like this. What do I do now? Whom do I call? What do I do first? ‘God, help me,’ I asked. I didn’t know, but I did have enough wherewithal to call my neighbor who had been tending her own garage sale that morning and ask her to come over immediately. I had no idea what I needed her to do; I just needed someone there to make sure I was making sane choices and to help if needed.”-Jacqui Huxford

Links to YouTube music videos:

“Need You Now”-Plumb

“Heal My Broken Heart”-Patty Felker