“Inside Out: Part 3 Digging Broken Wells| Chapter 7 Looking In All The Wrong Places” by Dr. Larry Crabb

Under A Clearer View of Sin, Dr. Larry Crabb pens,

To more fully grasp our Lord’s teaching we need a clearer understanding of sin, especially the sin that stains our heart. For ease of discussion, divide the problem of sin into two categories: (1) visible acts of transgression against clearly written Biblical standards and (2) subtle violations of our Lord’s command to love. When the second category is poorly understood, people expend all their spiritual energy in carefully defining Biblical standards and working hard to keep them. The usual result is pharisaical righteousness- or guilty frustration. Dealing with the first category of sin will not lead us to change from the inside out. (page 125)

How true! Even in my own life, I can see “more righteous than that person” attitude in my life. Don’t you dare think that “one and done” philosophy that has so much a part of our society. Instead, I let the Holy Spirit work inside of me to route out all the ways I am not like Christ. Let’s go on.

Under Our Styles of Relating, he says,

A person’s style of relating is like a proverbial snowflake-no two are exactly alike. The design reflected in all of them is the underlying motivation of either self-protection or love. … Remember an important principle: When people deny their thirst, they cannot the function of their relational style. But when their thirst is acknowledged and self-protection is unmasked, then trust in Christ can become more profound and repentance complete. … Progress is slow (real progress usually is), but change is real.” (pages 129, 135-6)

As I look over my life, taking a real hard look at it, I can see Chhrist in my life in the things I believe and do (James 2:14-26). However, if you asked me that question while I was going through one of the trials in my life, I don’t think I could say with absolute certainty that I was acting like Christ, putting my belief in Him, first.

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