The word “Free” doesn’t mean that it was free to the one offering it…

Free.” We all like the word “free.” such as the “free” knife set that you get from a purchase that you have made or for a subscription to a culinary magazine. Personally, I’ve seen “free” chairs, couches, gym set on the side of the road outside of someone’s driveway. Or you have your typical yard sale in which at the end of it you start offering stuff for free. I get that especially in America where you are in a time of “need” for a very short time only to be replaced by “needing” something more in this technological age we Americans find ourselves in.

For, typically getting something nee but quickly becomes old means that someone has got tired of using it so they offer whatever “it” is. You just want it out of your personal possession so you offer it up for “free” so we can make room for the “new” stuff even though it may cost you a small fortune when you originally. I, by far, have fallen into this trap like a slippery slope.

Yet, Jesus Christ offers you the gift of protection from eternal death financially free! Oh yes, it’s FREE!! 🤗🤗🤗 (John 3:16; 17:3) And although it’s financially free, to truly live to walk in His steps (1 Peter 2:21), it is going to cost you something. You may lose family members and friends. Depending on how hard of a stand you make, you may be ridiculed; you be alienated by some people, or you know that feeling you get when your core beliefs differ than of people in your sphere of influence.

Even Christians can be somewhat of a negative influence. With the Christian faith being broken up by Catholicism and Protestantism. Under Catholicism, you have the two biggest ones-Catholicism and Roman Catholicism. Under Protestantism, you have too many denominations to be counted. But I digress…

This article was supposed to be talking about the subject of free. And to be worth any value, the prize has to cost the owner much more. It is like the American military offering freedom for free. Some of us can’t, won’t, even refuse the idea of serving in the military, though the people in it have to fight in order to maintain our freedom. Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of the world, offers you such freedom if you would only accept Him and walk as Jesus would have you walk. Jesus has even provided Himself as an example (1 Peter 2:21).

Think about it and act!

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