“Inside Out: Part 4-Changing From The Inside Out|Chapter 10-Defining The Problem

At the beginning of this chapter, Dr. Crabb writes,

In our efforts to change, no question is more important than the obvious one: What exactly is wrong? What is going on in us that leads to depression, worry, sexual perversion, hostility, and a host of other concerns that plague us? Is there something in our own deceitful heart that a sincere commitment to follow Christ and renewed determination to live as we should simply do not reach? Do most counseling efforts miss a central problem that must be corrected if change from the inside out is to occur? (pg. 185)

He goes on to write,

Problems are everywhere… Sometimes the reality of human suffering seems just to much. Everyone has his or her story to tell… (pg. 185)

Under Facing Our Sin on page 187-188, he has additional words of wisdomwhen he writes this-

As we try to understand the process of change, we must realize that deep change comes about less because of what we try to do and how hard we try to do it, and more because of our willingness to face realities of our internal life. Personal integrity, a commitment to never pretend about anything, is a prerequisite for change from the inside out.

Do you feel the words piercing right through you as do I? For Jesus Christ, in John 17:1-26, prays to God the Father and for all believers to protect us from the evil one (John 17:15, NIV). That is why one of my favorite verses comes from a man who denied knowing Jesus not once, not twice, but three times in a span of just a few hours; it is 1 Peter 2:21 which says,

For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you may walk in His steps. (ESV)

As I have said before, think about it and act.

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