“Inside Out: Part 4 Changing From The Inside Out|Chapter 11-The Power Of The Gospel

Is it really possible to change? Can a woman molested as a child really learn to embrace her sexuality? Do men with homosexual urges really become heterosexual? Can people who worry too much about money or their kids, or a couple whose marriage is no more exciting than at television rerun, or people with bad tempers really change? … The word really is the issue. In many people’s minds, change must be nearly complete-at least dramatic- or it doesn’t count. (pg. 202)

This is so true. Just take a look at the American media. In recent school shootings, the media pushing to make it illegal to carry any firearms where children could congregate, especially at school. They try to get you to believe that laws are going to do the trick, but the last I knew, criminals aren’t concerned about laws. For all law abiding citizens of the United States of America and its territories, you were appalled by children at schools now have numbers on their backs for the next mass-crazed school shooting. It comes down to either you want laws prohibiting assault weapons at school (which the American media is pushing on us), or you stand with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and stand on your own with some kind of pistol, shotgun, or assault weapon in hand. We have got to smarten up and let God handle it.

Under Dealing With Obvious Sin (Sin In Our Behavior) on page 209, Dr. Larry Crabb writes this,

We must do better than that. Change from the inside out requires more than that:

  • dealing with problems in our world by praying and trying to respond Biblically;

  • handling pain in our heart by comforting truth, and

  • responding to sin in our behavior by determining to resist temptation.

On the bottom of page 211, under “Return To The Lord Your God,” returning to Dr. Crabb puts additional words of wisdom by referencing one of my favorite verses:

The key to change is returning to God. Christ defined eternal life as knowing God (John 17:3). (pg. 211)

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