Dog-Gone It!!!

Recently we were gone from our home to go see “Bloodroot,” a play by Liberty University female students that featured women acting out Appellation women from different time periods which was based in reality. The young women were terrific; they not only acted, but they researched and wrote all of “Bloodroot,” a beautiful weed that can survive in circumstances that anyone would think to be impossible. It took place over many centuries, and it was truly incredible.

In the meantime, we needed a place to store our dog for the weekend, so we asked a family to watch our dog. They agreed on the condition that we wouldn’t hold them responsible while they went just for some hours. We agreed. And we prepped them of all the behaviors they might see from the dog. Though no fault of their own, the moment we got the dog back, he was sick for a week having diarrhea.

To our full knowledge, the dog was going to be left alone for an extended period of time, for the dog is used to that so we had thought nothing about it. The home that the dog was staying over, he was familiar with. So, it came as a shock to some of the family to hear that he devoured two 5 pound bags of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish (delicious cheddar-cheese crackers shaped into mini goldfish).

You would have figured out that the dog would have learned his lesson, and we thought for part of the miserable week for him and us we had a glimmer of hope because during that week we had to say a couple of times to eat the dog food. However, things won’t last down here on earth, and before long the dog was back to his old hungry self (which I think he has an eating disorder where his signal in his brain is broken).

On a much bigger level, can’t the same be said of us? We do something bad (like eating two 5 pound bags of yummy goldfish) but we can’t stop ourselves (or don’t want to). Let us take addiction to chocolate, for example. A little chocolate can have some health benefits, and that is true based on all the research. However, it can quickly become an addiction where you can’t live without it. Soon you will gain weight, not in the right areas and develop love handles, until one day you pass by a mirror. It completely horrifies you. Then you swear by everything that is in you not to eat chocolate again until it happens again-that little piece of chocolate. On and on it goes. Only One solution to this merry-go-round problem we have, and His name is Jesus Christ.

Yes, there is hope in Jesus Christ which has the power to save every individual out there (Acts 2:24-28). Dog-Gone-It!!! Don’t be like everyone out there succumbing to whatever sinful desires you have; rather instead choose to get off that merry-go-round with Jesus Christ leading the way.


“Merry-Go-Round”-Manafest (a Doug Weier remix)