What Is God’s Will For My Life?!

Doing God’s will is tough. God’s will often comes without direction, leaving you to lean that much more into God. Since Adam and Eve (the first humans on the planet) took a bite of that tempting, ever scrumptious fruit hanging down from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, humans have been trying unsuccessfully to prove ourselves “worthy” to enter into God’s grace again. That puts all the effort on us to get into God’s good grace. Doesn’t it?

Well, no! It takes belief in Jesus Christ as the One that provided us a way to escape hell. Two thousand years ago (plus or minus), there was this baby who was born in the most deplorable conditions. In a barn that was used for animal’s at the inn in Bethlehem, Israel. Just think, who would want their baby to be born in an animal stable where there was gross excrement, and lay your baby down in a feeding trough where slobber abounds. Now, if someone saw this, the authorities would be called. Yet, that is how Jesus Christ was born coming down from His holy dwelling in a world outside of ours to endure life here on this earth, only to be ridiculed all the way to His death on the bloody cross to purchase salvation for you, me, and everyone who accepts that financially free gift. (See Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Hebrews 10:12 in the Holy Scripture)

However, I have not answered the question “What Is God’s Will For My Life?!” I know. It is hard to wait for an answer. Sometimes, finding God’s will for your life is quick, but the quickness of it will determine how long it will last in our memory. Take the parting of the Red Sea for the Israelites back in Exodus 14 where after that super miraculous event they turned and worshipped a “god” made out of their own gold shaped into the form of a calf just chapters later (Exodus 32). Yet, something that takes a “long time” in our eyes has the potential to last in our memories. Take waiting for God to fulfill God’s promise to Abraham that he would have descendants like the stars in the nighttime sky (Genesis 15:4-6)? Or, better yet, look at Jesus Christ’s full life (as in the gospels) culminating with His death on that bloody cross. We are still seeing positive results from Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in people of the world turning into people of God.

Getting impatient? Well, that is precisely what I want to do. See, it takes patience to see what God is up to in your life. Maybe you could be going through heartache for someone else. The way you handle it (seeking God all the way through), might offer hope, encouragement, and inspiration through Jesus Christ to others? Who knows? God the Father does, and that is what Jesus Christ (His Son) was saying when He said in Matthew 24:36-

But about that day or the hour no one knows, not the angels in heaven, not the Son, but only the Father. (NCV)

So, to answer the question “What Is God’s Will For My Life” looks different to everyone of us True Life Christians. So, in doing God’s will, you want to be 100% positive that you will not fail especially where your joyfully serving the God of the Universe. I completely understand, but I caution you. 100% positive doesn’t come. Most you will get little glimpses of His will along your journey with God so you won’t go off and do your own thing for the Lord completely messing up His will for your life.

The person who is writing this has a deep understanding of this because I was called by the Lord at the age of 14. Called to what? I thought it was to be a youth minister, only to turn out that wasn’t God’s will for my life. No, in order to accomplish His will would take a month-long coma, having to relearn everything, suffering from expressive aphasia, being slow as compared to a normal person, and an incredible amount of frustration and patience. Things with which a person with God in a similar circumstance can truly understand. I have a traumatic brain injury suffered when I was 18 to the glory of God.

Now it is your turn. What has God allowed in your life that you didn’t see as glorifying to God causing you to reevaluate “What Is God’s Will For My Life?” Go, take your pain, and use it to glorify God!!!

“Jesus Freak”-DC Talk