Glenn The Turtle. How The Turtle Relates To Us? And Pictures of Our Dog…

Glenn The Turtle

As I was searching through my traumatic brain injured brain on what to blog on next, I came across some interesting topics, ones that might pass you by. Like a turtle named Glenn that was at the animal hospital.

I came across Glenn when I took our dog to the animal hospital. See, if you look at my past posts, you will find a sheepherding dog (called a sheltie for short) in my kitchen. His name is J.B., and that stands for John the Baptist. The reason why I named him John the Baptist is because of his dog hair looks like camel’s hair as referenced in Mark 1:6. Anyway, our dog had an appointment at the animal hospital.

While I was waiting, there was this turtle who was in one of those fish tanks that also double as homes for mice, gerbils, snakes, iguanas, etc… But this one held a turtle. It wasn’t big; in fact, I could fit it into the palm of my hand, although the turtle was full grown. I then began to ask the receptionist why the turtle wants to get out of the fish tank? She answered, “He has always been like that.” Then she began to explain herself further saying that Glen the turtle, even though he had free reign of the upstairs of the animal hospital, he would always try to find himself a way out to find new areas to explore.

So that got me to thinking, “So that is why God puts “rules” on us humans. Not to make it more difficult for us to follow God, but to put in place for us to avoid the pitfalls of this physical life. Yet God leaves us the option to choose whether we will obey Him or not. However, He will only accept those who come to Him in remorse over their sin and believe that Jesus Christ died on the Roman cross for everyone’s sin because an offering of blood was a condition in order for the forgiveness of sin in order to see Him in His heavenly glory. Remember God the Father wants to see His adopted children more than anything. That is why He sent His Son down to take on humanly form to ultimately die at the hands of sinners to rescue us (John 3:16-21).

It is your turn now. Will you turn to loving God with all your heart, mind, and soul, or will you be just another Glenn The Turtle scratching his way on the glass looking for something new and exciting, not The Old Reliable (see last weeks post)?

Here is 3 music videos that speak to this:

“Stay”-Big Daddy Weave


“Jesus Paid It All”-Newsboys

“Rule”-Hillsong United