It Is Time To Start Thinking About Easter…

Already, various food and convenient stores are selling Easter candy. When I go throughout the local convenient stores, I find a hint of them trying to sell me by placing these chocolate goodies in the shape of eggs in places that will catch my eye. In several larger stores (like Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Home Goods, etc…), they are even selling stuffed bunnies of various sizes to go along with these eggs. Oh, did I mention the Easter Basket which you can carry your Chocolate or stuffed bunny along with chocolate eggs which undoubtedly come in the next few days, or it is already in stores now! So you better go out and buy one for your kids, your nieces and nephews, or your significant other! Easter is almost here!

Well, that is what the stores want you to believe so they can get a little bit richer off of your dime. Sadly, I continually fall into this trap. Yet, for some reason, I enjoy this time of year. When Easter comes it usually means that there is no more snow falling to the ground, the sunlight just stays out a little bit longer, and the temperature outside is a little bit more comfortable. Spring is finally here!

With spring here, no more looking at the dull, what appears to be dead trees and bushes that suffered through another harsh winter. Suddenly, the ground is thawed, and beautiful flowers push themselves up through the dirt. As we inch towards Easter (a holiday which had its origins in celebrating a human abundance through a bunny having eggs) and all that new life through bunny eggs has to bring, Christians turn to the cross and all that the death of Jesus Christ has to bring.

For all of the suffering, the physical death, and the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ went through was an example to anyone who puts faith in God the Father to go see Him in heaven (1 Peter 2:21). Jesus Christ, while He was here on this earth during His ministry which He told us several times and was adamant about it, told humanity that if they choose to follow Him, then they would have to suffer for the name of Jesus and experience physical death, all the while being assured that they individually be in heaven to share the glory of the God the Father (Matthew 10:38-40; Luke 9:18-27, 14:26-27; John 17). And for that single reason, It Is Time To Start Thinking About Easter… for what could be a better representative than a bunny surrounded by eggs to represent God the Father and Christians experiencing the new birth?

“The Cross”-Kevin Max ft. DC Talk


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