The Real Issue Pertaining To The First Amendment Of The Constitution Of The United States Of America…

For my readers or listeners all across the world, this week’s article has to do with America, the land of the free and home of the brave. My temporary home as I have an eternal home that I have with God the Father, Jesus Christ (His Son), and the Holy Spirit. But let me turn to our temporary home, earth. More specifically, America.

I know there is some potential to get political, especially how American news outlets are handling the Trump Presidency, right now; however, I will do my best through Jesus Christ not to get political. Yet, it may have political overtones, but it is certainly not political. Rather it is about The Real Issue With The First Amendment Of The Constitution Of The United States Of America… Here in America, Christians now have to be careful of what they say about spreading the message of Jesus Christ. Here in the United States of America and with those who want to exploit the American law, now you are instantly vilified even mentioning Jesus Christ other than foul language that comes protruding from your lips.

When I was growing up during the ’70s and the ’80s, you could see the start of the movement to get Christ summarily banished from this country with groups like the ACLU, PLANNED PARENTHOOD * which now is a cover-up for convenient abortions, and others. These groups are still in full force today. For in a very short amount of time (20-40 years as far as history goes), it has gone from people who freely talk about Jesus Christ with a little bit of social awkwardness back in the 80s to, now, where you have to be careful in where you mention the name of Jesus Christ for fear of being labeled a religious bigot. In fact, one of my Bible-believing friends said the state of California is trying to outlaw the Bible. Yes, you read me correctly. Liberals who think they know better than everyone else, have strategically gotten themselves elected to various state representatives and senators to make possessing a Holy Bible a crime. Prayerfully, it has not happened yet, but the state of California is inching ever so close if you are caught possessing a Bible, you could be sentenced to jail time or pay a hefty fine. It would be the same as carrying a book of hate speech. REALLY!!!

Is that what the Founding Fathers could have envisioned in the First Amendment concerning Church and State? Obviously, no they didn’t. In fact, this comes from :

Separation Of Church And State

Separation Of Church And State Means That The Government Cannot Exercise Its Authority In Establishing A National Religion.

Schools constitute a local extension of the government which cannot make religion mandatory for all students. This clause of the First Amendment is the “Establishment Clause”.
This means that schools cannot have assemblies which promote religion. And classroom teachers cannot promote one religion (or nonreligion such as atheism) over another. The Establishment Clause limits the free speech rights of teachers, principals, and staff when communicating with students in schools. However, students and Christian leaders have free speech rights as explained in the student rights section.


It all began with the ruling handed down by the Supreme Court of America in 1962-1963 banning the Bible and prayer at American schools:
“One can argue, and some have, that the decision by the Supreme Court – in an of three decisions back in 1962 and 1963 – to remove Bible and prayer from our public schools, may be the most spiritually significant event in our nation’s history over the course of the last 55 years,” Jeynes said. Aug 15, 2014, Removing The Bible & Prayer From Public Schools

Unfortunately, it did not stop with public schools, as proven above. With the passage of time, America has we a United States Congresswoman that used the Quran instead of the Holy Bible to “swear in” by at the swearing-in ceremonies in 2013. Yet, I could have predicted this back when I was in high school over thirty years ago. In fact, I did in my head or maybe I told a few people. I got this prediction from a one dollar bill. It has scrolled on its back:


Upon further investigation of the dollar bill my family the “eye” at the top of the pyramid has a connection with Satan. That gives additional meaning to the famous words spoken by Jesus Christs when He says that the love of money is the root of all evil (1 Timothy 6:10 KJV). Yet, the dollar bill loudly proclaim, In God We Trust.

It was somewhere in the late 80s that God gave me the vision of the United States of America had given to into the lust of money because the temptation was so great. God was nowhere to be found, andthe United States Government had a majority of people that did not swear by the Bible. Instead, the people did what was right in there own eyes similar to that of Judges 21:25.

To those of you who think that this is easy for me to blog such potentially harming words with the American government and all, on the contrary. I am really having a hard time staying on track since it is so easy to go down a variety of “rabbit holes” concerning the Real Issue Pertaining To The First Amendment Of The Constitution Of The United States Of America… But, as you recall, I have a promise to keep not getting political. Although it is a different time and culture, I think Christians should set the example for peaceably living with everyone. Romans 12:18 has this to say:

Do your best to live at peace with everyone. (NCV)

Obviously, there could be certain times in our lives as Christians where this is impossible. I would pray to the Heavenly Father through His Son (Jesus Christ) to instruct the Holy Spirit to give you direction on the way you should go, not to just get out of that particularly uncomfortable situation that you find yourselves in. Remember, the Holy Spirit led Jesus Christ after He was baptized into temptation while on a fast for forty days and nights. In fact, Christians all around the world should take what the Apostle Paul did in Acts 28:30-31 :

He lived there two whole years at his own expense and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance. (NCV)

Some of you may think I have gone down one of those “rabbit holes” I have been speaking about concerning the Real Issue Pertaining To The First Amendment To The United States Of America… I assure you that I haven’t. The Separation of Church and State was supposed to be a good thing because the Founding Fathers of the United States of America would say, “We wonder how the U.S. Government could get so off track from what we were hoping to accomplish?”, if they were still alive today.

Let us begin with a little history lesson. Back in 1620, the Puritans (or Pilgrims) were finished with the lack of legislative rules to allow the Puritans to worship God the way they wanted to but were subject to the rules of the Anglican Church and the Church of England. After 50 years, the Puritans decided to hold a vote to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a new land where they would be free to worship God however they wanted. But the Puritans had to make sure thàt the overseas trip had Christ’s approval. They determined this by raising of hands. Further, whichever had the majority, the Puritans saw it as God’s putting His seal of approval to whichever the Puritans choose. Shortly thereafter, the Mayflower was then commissioned upon the approval of the Puritans to set sail to a land of freedom that God approves of. (There is a YouTube video that describes the whole voyage of the Puritans and the Brittish ship, the Mayflower:

Where the group of inhabitants on the Mayflower landed is Plymouth Rock, Massachussetts. Plymouth Rock is where the Mayflower had landed blowing several hundred miles off course. And it is a couple hours from my home. If you get the chance please visit Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. However, the reason I gave you a bit of a history lesson was to confirm that the Christian God is in control. Nothing that happens to us, as human beings can escape God’s judgement. All of America will be judged, just like all of the people of the rest of the world will be judged. Whether you on Jesus Christ’s side or not. Yet, will we stand up for Christ even if it means going to prison for “hate speech?” Or pay a hefty amount in fines? Or do both?

My question for you is this: “Are you going to be bold for Christ while living peaceably?” So, despite what The Real Issue Pertaining To The First Amendment To The Constitution Of The United States Of America… says, are you going to live for Christ peaceably as much as it depends on you?

* although Casting Crowns addresses something personal in this song, I hope you get that it is a ““Slow Fade”-Casting Crowns from where we as Americans have been to (over the past 238 years) to where True Life Christianity is in the minority in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.