Is Moses Like Jesus Christ, And Is Aaron Like The Holy Spirit?

In my small church of about a hundred people plus in an area of the United States of America; in an area where there are a minuscule amount of true believers in Jesus Christ, whose state motto is “Live Free or Die“- a term coined by the historic General John Stark and in the town of Weare, NH. Over the years right up until this very day, that saying became popular among the residents of New Hampshire and was adopted as the state’s motto on July 31st, 1809 (Wikipedia, 2019). So, in my little church in Weare is at the top of a hill in which the message of Jesus Christ cannot be hidden, thus giving the phrase popular among Christians and even a Christian children’s song, “This Little Light of Mine,” we are figuratively a Light on a hill which is a chorus in that song. Well, it was attending this church, of where I am a member and an elder of this local partnership to spread the Word to local communities surrounding us, that I received one of the personal revelations I believe God has a part in.

So, in an attitude of prayer and worship on Sunday morning, I was ready for the revelation that God wanted to show me, as I always am through the song service portion or the message. For, even though I was ready for this, it always comes as a surprise. Well, this particular revelation came as more a surprise to me that I am now sharing with you. It is truly amazing that God would let me have the privilege of sharing with you in a blogging format. I believe that it was God who trusts me to reveal this to you that Moses and Aaron are an imperfect tectonic precursor to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after the singing was done to prepare the way for the pastor to speak at church, it has been our habit to gather the people who are responsible for the music, the soundboard people, those responsible for prayer before the gathering, the pastor, the coffee maker, and anyone else who feels called to arrive a half hour before service starts, to submit ourselves to prayer for the upcoming service. During that prayer, we usually have at least one person praying that God will use the pastor to convict souls of both the saved and the unsaved, that they won’t be afraid to ask questions, and the service will ultimately bring honor and glory to God the Father. This one was no different as the pastor is taking us through the book of Exodus.

This week, we are to the part of the book, chapter of 15 through 17, where the Israelite people are complaining to Moses and Aaron that the water that they had was bitter after traveling two to three days without water (Exodus 15:22-27). A seemingly valid complaint, to where my wife, Christine (a registered nurse with a B.S. from UVM), said the body can survive without food for an indefinite amount of time but water, that is essential to life. I could figuratively see that wheels turning inside her head as she made the connection on her own applying it to spirituality Tuesday night during small group that we attended. 😇

Then in chapter 16, the Israelites demanded food from Moses and Aaron in which manna fell from heaven in the morning and quail fell at night simply because of the Lord’s compassion. Looking back, the Israelites had something that the rest of the people of the world didn’t, the Lord guiding their way as referenced in Exodus 13:20-23. So in effect, the Israelites had nothing to be scared of, trusting that the Lord would provide direction, food, and drink. But still, they wanted a representative to go before them just like they did in Judges in where God would raise up a particular Israelite to save them out of the mess they had gotten themselves into by not obeying the Lord. And just in case, the Israelites wanted someone to blame in case “things” didn’t turn out the way they had envisioned.

Moses and Aaron were the leaders of the people of Israel in the Old Testament or the Old Covenant, just like Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are leaders of True Life Christians in the New Testament or the New Covenant which includes the Jewish and the Gentile people. I am going to attempt to draw a picture in your mind and soul about Moses and Jesus. In Exodus 33:12-15, Moses tells the Lord,

“If Your presence does not go with me, do not bring us (Israelites) from here” (Exodus 33:14 ESV)

Foreward to the Gospels, you find Jesus basically saying the same thing as evidence in the most famous prayer of Jesus Christ to His Father in John 17. Coincidence? I think not because the Bible is full of coincidences then.

You may or may not be tracking with me. But Moses is the forerunner of Jesus Christ, and Aaron is the forerunner to the Holy Spirit. Each of them, Moses to the Christ and Aaron to the Holy Spirit, provides similar roles. You see, Moses cries out to the Lord not to destroy Israel because of the sin they committed (Deuteronomy 9:26-29), like Jesus Christ who had to suffer all the trials, beatings, and eventually that horrifyingly painful death on a cross (Matthew 26-27; Mark 14-15; Luke 22:47- 23; John 18-19) in order to be the suffering servant. Aaron is like the Holy Spirit in that never heard of them making the most out of each other through having the Holy Spirit is crucial to the Christians spiritual development.

Obviously, it is not a perfect comparison. Nothing ever is since sin entered the world fueled on by Satan, himself where he tempted Eve to take a bite from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (and Eve shared it with Adam, thus polluting the whole world with sin). It all can be found in Genesis 3.

You might be asking yourselves, “Ok, I am not fully on board with your thinking. How is Aaron like the Holy Spirit?” sort of doubting why you would pose this question, so you say it with a sarcastic voice. Aaron is crucial in the plan of Moses, just like the Holy Spirit is crucial to Jesus Christ’s plan for salvation to those of us who accept Him. And just like the Holy Spirit, Aaron doesn’t make much of himself as he communicates to all of Israel Moses’ plans straight from God. Who do you think spoke to the nation of Israel to tell them of all the plans God had for them during the Egyptian plagues?

Once again, this has faults if you take a closer look at it because we are all racked with sin. I am just asking you to take a five thousand foot view. I am asking you to have an open mind and soul that trusts in God’s plan of salvation.

Moses already knew Pharoah Ramses since Moses (the older son) and Ramses (the younger son) grew up together for a long enough time that they knew each other well. They knew each other through bad times and good times; they knew each other’s ticks and quirks. For in those times, Ramses did not ascend to the throne until his dad was dead. When Moses was forty years of age, however, Moses killed an Egyptian slave master who was seen by Moses for beating an Israelite (Exodus 2:11-15). A short time later had passed that Moses was found out. Shortly thereafter the King of Egypt (his half-dad) tried to kill him because Moses was picking sides between Israel and Egypt in my estimation. I would not be surprised if his half-dad (King of Egypt) was thinking, “I always had a suspicion about him, after all my daughter pulled him from the Nile from a basket that contained this little Israeli baby. This confirms it! I am Pharoah! Moses is going to regret what he did! Kill him!!!” So, murdering Moses ran off to Midian (Exodus 2:15).

There are even more things I could point out, but I hope you get the picture that Moses is like Jesus Christ, and Aaron is like the Holy Spirit. Perhaps this is a new revelation? Or an old one, but one that needed to be shared for those reading or listening to my blog.

Please communicate with me, especially if you think I have totally missed it with this one. Be sure and pray before you attempt to tear me apart over this. Remember, I am thinking God gave me this revelation; however, I could be wrong. It could be my sinful self. For those who take this blog seriously, I would not want for anyone to stumble in their Christian walk. Do not fight over this new revelation.


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