“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” by Nik Ripken

“A few days later, walking alone down an alley in Hargeisa, I noticed a little boy about the same size as my son Andrew. … On the opposite side of the alleyway, some distance ahead, he was turned away with his back to me, he didn’t see me. He was turned away with his back toward me, and he didn’t see me coming. He didn’t see me coming. He was preoccupied by something he was holding, so he didn’t even hear me coming either. I was almost parallel with him, maybe 15 feet away, when my mind finally registered what my eyes were seeing. Now able to look over his shoulder, I realized what he was so intently focused on. He touched a classically shaped anti-personal mine against his chest with one hand and while at the same time with the index finger of the other hand, he poked at the button on top.”~Nik Ripken

“The Insanity Of God” movie trailer