“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“… I felt that I was ready to make a serious commitment. Many of Ruth’s friends advised her not to give me another chance. Somehow, though, she believed my commitment to her, now. Later that year, when I asked Ruth if she would marry me, she said yes. When we went to talk with her parents, her father didn’t ask me a thing. He simply turn to Ruth and asked, ‘What about your call to missions? What about your call to Africa?’ She smiled and assured her daddy that Nik has always wanted to serve overseas too. We are going to be working towards that together. That was all her father needed to here. ‘If you are obedient to the Lord,’ he said to both of us, ‘you have our blessing.'”~Nik Ripken

“Trust & Obey”~Big Daddy Weave

The Initial Review Of “The Insanity Of God” Movie