“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected”

“… My Somali chief-of-staff and my right-hand man (Omar Aziese) became a dear and trusted friend. He was one who was street-smart and compassionate individuals I had ever known. One day, he came into the office weeping. I did not know what had happened or how I should respond in a culturally appropriate manner. I did what seemed natural. I waited out his tears. He soon wiped his eyes and told me why he was so upset.

He had been on an errand, walking down the street in his own neighborhood when he spotted a malnourished woman sitting in the shade of a small tree, leaning against the trunk nursing her baby.

Omar Aziese greeted her as he walked by. She had returned a smile but her baby never stopped eating. When Omar finished his business and returned the same way (less than an hour later), he noticed the same peaceful seen: the same woman under the same tree with the same baby in the same pose. But as he strolled by this time, he heard the baby whimpering. He glanced in that direction and sensed something was wrong. The tiny child cried and squirmed in its mother’s arms, but the woman seemed oddly still. For just a moment Omar assumed the woman was asleep. As he stepped over, however, he realized the truth. In the time that he had since walked down the stateet, the young mother had died.”~Nik Ripken

“Missions Talk: Nik Ripken, ‘The Insanity Of God’ Episode 1.2”