“… The earliest of believers could have destroyed all but one of the accounts, change the conflicting details or simply harmonize the Gospels. But these diverse accounts were preserved as they are because they are true.”~J. Warner Wallace

“The Case For Truth”~J. Warner Wallace

2 thoughts on ““COLD-CASE CHRISTIANITY” By J. Warner Wallace

  1. Dear Brethren,

    Receive our warm greetings in the Almighty Name of our God. I’m so humbled to visit your wonderful website that contains spiritual Truth my spiritual staggers went stronger to find that what we need for spiritual nourishment.
    I beseach that you make to a trip to Kenya and share the truth with the brethren.
    A ministry well done by His faithful servants brings Glory to God. Your fellowship will be our joy.

    Blessings as I look forward to hearing from you soon .
    Elder Moseti.

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    1. Thank you! That is my aim for True Life Christians who struggle with some place to go to find that Christians are not alone when they personally face spiritually tough times. Walking With Jesus Christ Through Personal Tragedy is the essence behind TrueLifeChristianity.com.
      As for the invitation to Kenya, thanks for the invite; however, some long term medical situation has kept me in the USA. But I’m with you in spirit, for I have the same (Holy) Spirit inside of me as you do! 😇


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