“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“… We drove to the local stronghold of the Islamic group in the entire country. I walked in alone. With all the sarcasm I could muster, I thanked them for sending this hit list to our compound. I pointed that the names of my three Muslim employees and explained, ‘But this has to be a mistake! These three men listed here are not only valuable employees but good Muslims. They go to the Mosque every week; they pray towards Mecca 5 times a day; they keep the fast during Ramadan; and one of them has even been on the hadge. You don’t want to kill these men! They are good and faithful Muslims. You need to take these names off your list.The militants actually thank me for clearing up the matter and promised that they would take the names off of their list.”~Nik Ripken

“The Stories And Lessons From The Persecuted Church”~Nik Ripken