“Spiritual Rhythm: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul” ~ Introduction: ‘For Everything A Season’~ By Mark Buchanan

“… Our souls, our hearts have seasons too. A soul in youth can turn grim and artistic, or a heart in dottage can grow breezy and fragrant. The seasons of the heart are no respecters of age, and seldom of person. I’ve met children bleak and dour, octogenarians playful and whimsical, middle-aged women enthused about everything, fifty-year-old men bitter about everything. Sometimes this is just the way it is, with no rhyme or reason, nothing to predict or prevent or produce one season or another.

Spoiler alert! Spiritual Rhythm: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul is a thought provoking book that requires you to actually think if you want to get the most from it, that is Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul. Mark Buchanan has a way with words that draws you in and wanting much more, they have the power to provide you hope when seemingly no hope can be found, encouragement when you need to be encouraged, and inspiration when you need to be inspired to get out of your lonely chair sitting there moping that no one can help you, and he does this of his wisdom found in the God-head. Although his writing is beautifully compelling, he challenges the reader to think differently upon God’s Word, yet he never goes outside the intended meaning. As you saw in the first quote of the Introduction, the author is clearly effectively explaining that our hearts, our souls, have seasons too.  However, unlike seasons of the year, you can be stuck in a particularly bad or good one, the worst ever or the best ever season of your life for periods of actual time. That is just the way it is. Coming from my own personal background (Running With Christ) this book right here validated all that I was going through, from the time I first accepted Christ. Here are some more sage words from Mark Buchanan:

“… We ignore this to our peril.

I discovered these seasons of the heart late, close to fifty, when I found myself in winter. A friend and a colleague, whose presence I depended on more than I knew until it was gone, got sick, and then very sick, and then died. Her name was Carol, and just writing her name opens a door that a cold wind slips through. She was blond, and big, and funny, and could pray heaven close. She forgot details and muddled dates, but remembered people, the most quirky and intimate things about them, and she could see deep into them in the way prophets and sages and sometimes grandmothers can.

She had a tumor in her skull, a thing that showed up first as a chronic headache. A mass as big as a hardball, nestled just above and right behind her right ear, twined into her brain. Doctors plucked it out, but it grew again, and spread. They went in again, but its roots ran thick and tangled, and all they could do is pare back its wildness a little. We prayed, desperate, confident, declarative, beseeching. We were as gallant as knights, then frightened as children. We rode the news, up, down, sideways. We grew, I suppose, but often we diminished, too.

She died. I held myself together, and a few others besides. Carol was not just a friend: she was my co-pastor, and so our whole church was in crisis. I led well, I think, during her dying and her death. I was brave. I spoke words of comfort and hope, publicly and privately. At her funeral I preached a message to stir and bolster faith.

And then I woke one morning barren of fruit, bereft of joy, short of daylight. I could not shake it off. I could not make a thing grow. I saw a counselor. I had people pray for me. I read books. I begged God. I faked it.

Nothing ended it.

And then God gave me insight: this was winter. It would end, in time, but not by my own doing. My responsibility was simply to know the season, and match my actions and inactions to it. It was to learn the slow hard discipline of waiting. It was my season to believe in spite of – to believe in the absence of evidence or emotion, when there was nothing to bud, no color, no light, no birdsong, to validate belief. It was my time to walk through without sight.”

“How Do Measure Spiritual Growth?”~Mark Buchanan

Darren L. Beattie, The Soul Blogger

“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“What, if anything, did our years in Somaliland accomplish? I thought of story Jesus had told about the farmer sowing seed. We’d had done just that; we had sewed seed. Over thousands of days through thousands of deeds and thousands of natural spiritual concersations in everyday Somali life, we’d cast our seeds far and wide. For 6 long, hard, dry years, we watched, and we waited. My relationship with Omar Aziz served as a reminder that a few individuals might have taken note that we might have successfully planted a seed here or there. …”~Nik Ripken

Nik and Ruth Ripken Share Their Story Of “The Insanity Of God”

“Cold-Case Christianity” By J. Warner Wallace

“… In order for true evil to exist there must be a source of true good that transcends any and all groups that might make a claim about the existence of evil. In other words, the existence of evil necessitates the existence of God as a standard of true virtue. …”~J. Warner Wallace

“Why Would A Good God Allow Evil? – Part 1”

“Why Would A Good God Allow Evil? – Part 2”

“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“… I believe that God has speaking to you for many years through a lot of different people, Omar. He is calling you to Jesus, and these difficult day for Somaliland, you may be the last and only chance that your people have to find Him. That was the challenge I left with my friend as we said goodbye. …”~Nik Ripken

“A Sheep Among Wolves” ~ Nik Ripken

“Spiritual Rythems: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul”~(Preface)~By Mark Buchanan


Before I begin, I will say if anyone reads or listens to this book, whether by going to the bookstore, downloading an ebook, or listening to it through a variety of formats, it is well worth the cost of purchasing. In fact, after reading or listening to Spiritual Rhythms you will find it a little lower than the Bible. Like a person looking at a painting, something just draws you back to look at how skillfully the painter paints his picture, then through some happenstance you overhear that the picture is some form of art named the “Mona Lisa” painted by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. That is to put high praise on a book other than the Bible, for the book uses Scripture in a way that’s enlightening. I encourage you to put the Bible along side of Spiritual Rhythms for it belongs up in the top 10 books if you want to follow after God. It will better your personal knowledge and wisdom of the God-head (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

Let me begin with the Preface to Spiritual Rhythms, for it explains portions of the Bible to fit “Being With Jesus Every Season Of  Your Soul” in such simplistic yet incredibly artful terms that it will take your breath away. The author, Mark Buchanan, begins with the Preface explaining how Wingsuit Jumping over in Norway was the latest craze for High-fulluten risk-takers being supremely confident in their equipment when it was written just like Christians should have supreme confidence in the God-head (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit).

“… I have had seasons in my life I was flying so high, so fast that it’s hard to imagine wing suit jumping notching up the thrill at all. Life was pure exhilaration; life was the distillate of exhilaration; life was heart-pounding adventure. I flew on wings like eagles, or at least like squirrels. I’m exaggerating but not by much.”

“There have been a few brief stretches of my existence when my heart was riotous with joy, and the wind sang in my ears that I had to stretch myself wide to catch as much of as I could and put off the landing as long as I dared. I twirled, and I summersalted in mid-air and trusted in the next updraft to carry me over the next cliff. It didn’t last; no season does, which is good because there have been other times, other seasons when just getting out of bed was an act of holy defiance. Just facing the day was more intimidating than a dozen Goliaths and realizing that I left my sling shot on the bus seat…

Once again, Spiritual Rhythms: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul has changed the way I view things in that it it turns my long lasting  preconceptions of how Christian’s are supposed to live into rock-solid conceptions of how a True Life Christian is supposed to live, ever bringing the reality of Jesus Christ to an ever-slow dying world. So, join me as I journey through the insightful book of Spiritual Rhythms: Being With Jesus Every Season Of Your Soul as we take on each chapter. I will try to put on 2 posts per month along with quotes from other inspirational books that challenge one to defy the status quo of the Christian life and go further.

“How Do You Measure Your Spiritual Growth”~Mark Buchanan

~Darren Beattie, The Soul Blogger~

“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“… a son who they had loved with all their hrarts. During the service people were talking about Tim, people were signing, people were crying, but everyone their seemed to know that Tim was in paradise. Why can’t we Muslims know that our loved ones are in paradise when they die? …~Nik Ripken


“Cold-Case Christianity” By J. Warner Wallace

“… We need to start by recognizing that their are many good reasons to believe that God exists. We talked about some of them in chapter three. These pieces of the puzzle are already in place before we start talking about the issue of evil. Yes, there are some unanswered questions into the existence of evil, but we have to begin our investigation by recognizing the puzzle is already on it’s way to completion. …”~J. Warner Wallace

“How Is Strong Is The Cumulative Case For God’s Existence”~J. Warner Wallace

“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“… The funeral was scheduled for the following Saturday. During that week our home was filled with people of every hour of everyday-neighbors, Tim’s fellow students, colleagues, and friends from our Kenyan church-enveloped us un their love and care. Probably the biggest surprise of the week came on Thursday when Omar Aziz, our senior Somali staff member still living in Mogadishu appeared at the front door. I stunned to hear him say, ‘I walked here from Somaliland; I had to come help bury our son, Timothy. …”~Nik Ripken

“The Insanity Of God” Movie Trailer

“Scars”~I Am They

“Cold-Case Christianity” By J. Warner Wallace

“… Like a puzzle, the cold-case I work has missing pieces. Some of these pieces are obvious and glaring, but notice that their absent doesn’t keep us from having certainty about the image. We recognize the picture even that some things are missing. We have certainty because the pieces we do have reveal the killers identity. …”~ J. Warner Wallace

“Cold-Case Christianity ~ J. Warner Wallace” Video