“The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

“… It was clear that we were coming to the end of some kind. There had been so much loss and pain. As we returned to America, the questions would not let me rest. Was it worth it or not? Aren’t those 50,000 people we fed everyday eventually going to die anyway? What could we have done differently? What should we have done differently? Can faith in Jesus survive let alone thrive in such a hostile place? And where do we go now, and what do we do next? Tim’s death had changed us. After all that we’d been through, we wondered if we were still willing to risk ourselves and our family to do what God had called us to do? …”~Nik Ripken

“Is Jesus Worth It?”~Nik Ripken Speaking In Front Of Sugar Creek Baptist Church