” Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates The Claims Of The Gospels” By J. Warner Wallace

… A number of books flooded the shelves of local bookstores. Sam Harris wrote ‘The end of faith, religion, terror, and the future of reason’ 2004, and ‘Letter to a Christian nation’ 2006; Richard Dawkins wrote ‘The God Delusion’ 2006; and Christpher Hitchen’s wrote ‘God is not great, how religion poisons everything’ 2007. The attack from aethiests and skeptics grew and took on a new form of immediacy and aggression and sarcasm. Many Christian’s, especially those who had been believers for most of their lives, were caught off guard by the confidence and the articulate opposition of these authors and those who shared their negative view of Christianity. …”~J. Warner Wallace

“Four Things I Learned From My Conversations With Aethiests”~J. Warner Wallace