130. “The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

130. “. . . FEAR OR FREEDOM: Much of what I heard over the next several days echoed the stories of what the Russians and the Ukrainian’s. But the most disheartening place I visited, which will go unnamed here, was a former Communist Block nation where the church actually suffered little overt persecution. That seemed like a positive thing until I found out why that was true. My interviews revealed that from the beginning of Communist rule this nation’s churches quickly and completely embraced the verses that Paul wrote in Romans 13 about honoring and obeying the authority of earthly rulers. In fact, the churches emphasized them so much that they ignored and failed to obey many other Scriptures including some of the central teachings of Christ. . . .” ~ Nik Ripken

Do you see something familiar with Covid-19? In America, as in various parts of the world, we have churches bowing down to federal and state government authorities looking for what they should do. Christians had to suffer most of all since the media is pushing the narrative of fear promoting first: stay at home for a good long time, and then you had to wear a mask to do anything plus staying 6 feet apart, then the various medical companies are pushing the “vaccine” to protect you from getting Covid-19 all induced by fear. Now some may not be fearful of catching the the “dreaded Covid-19,” since they are good and healthy, but various other entities such as stores and some airlines are requiring that you have the “vaccine, ” wear the facial mask, or both. God did not design us like that. He perfectly designed us so that we breathe in air and exhale CO2. The facial mask directly inhibits that. Instead,the Government authorities are closing down churches or letting them open in subpar capacity. This isn’t right for the true believer in Jesus Christ. To those of who have an ear let him hear ~ Darren, The Soul Blogger ~ 😇

“Is He Worth It?” ~ Erskin (with a little testimony before the song)