206. “The Insanity Of God: A True Story Of Faith Resurrected” By Nik Ripken

206. “. . . a Chinese couple that motioned me to follow them out toward the street. At the curb, they hailed a taxi, tossed my single bag into the trunk, and gestured for me to climb into the back seat. My greeters gave the driver directions. We started out on a relatively silent forty minute taxi ride to somewhere in the city that I suspected would not be our final destination. Sure enough, after waiting for our taxi driver to leave, my hosts led me through a confusing meandering maze of streets for several blocks. Then, they slowed their pace. They carefully scanned the streets before and behind us. Then stepped quickly through an unlocked door into a foyer of some residential building. Only after they led me up three flight of stairs, they ushered me into their apartment and closed the door behind us, did they finally relaxed enough to speak freely. Daniel and Lydia Wang explained that later that evening, after dark, they would accompany back downtown to one of the government owned tourist hotel where foreign visitors were required to stay. Till then, their apartment would be a much safer place to talk. . .” ~ Nik Ripken

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