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I never dreamt of being an author.  My dream was to serve in the United States armed forces.  Since my grandfather served in World War 2, he taught us a deep respect for this nation by serving in the U.S. Navy.  However, I wanted to be different; with this in mind, I planned on entering the United States Air Force since I was about 9.  Then I received glasses when I was 12, which temporarily put an end to serving in the U.S. Air Force.  But I still had hope, just as long as my body would cooperate.   For I knew then if, by corrective eye surgery, I would be all set.  Yet, another set back would put the kibosh on my military career with the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, 2 months before I turned 14.  That figuratively put the nails in the coffin on my military career.

Devastated, I floundered about until one cloudy afternoon, outside on my school’s basketball court, I silently heard my name being called.  By this time in my young life,  I read the calling of Samuel in where he went in 3 times to the prophet Eli because he heard someone calling his name (1 Samuel 3), or Gideon where he was so fearful of disturbing the status quo (even if the status quo is bad) that he asked for 2 signs that he was supposed to do something major (Judges 6:36-40).  Or the fight Moses gave to God when he encountered the burning bush simply because he did want to lead the people of Israel (Exodus 4).  All these Biblical examples did not know, was afraid to, or totally refused God’s word when it came to them.  Yet I wanted to be different saying an enthusiastic yes to the calling put on my life.

Although I mistaking took it as being a call to be a youth pastor, I still had a call on my life.  Further, if you read “The Birth of True Life Christianity” under MENU, you will find out that I did not have an easy time shortly after I turned eighteen.  In fact, my life was a dream/nightmare until God revealed that the life I called you to wasn’t going to be an easy one.  It was like God literally said, “I have got plans for you, beyond what you think.  It’s not going to be easy.  Nevertheless, I will be with you.”

Yet, I could rebel and say no to God’s calling on my life.  But, as is seen throughout the different portions of the Holy Scripture, it does no good to rebel against God.  Taking several examples from the Bible, I did not want to be swallowed by a fish and then regurgitated on dry land (Jonah 1-2).  😂

Although I was in the National Honor Society when I was in private high school, I was never much of a reader or writer.  The one thing I have going for me is that I am passionate.  That’s is the way I’ve always been.  Just ask my friends or family members, or take a look at my accomplishments, which I was the President of the Modernization of the Universal Disabilities Symbol (MUDS) Task Force where we were the 1st in the western hemisphere to propose a design change.  Or “Heads Up!” where I gathered a team of the Machester, N.H. Brain Injury Support Group to help educate high school teenagers about considering the risk of their actions which could lead to brain injury.  But I never thought of myself as an author.

In fact, it took me a long time to realize it. A long, long time.  It wasn’t until midway through my master’s education that I gained confidence in my writing ability.  See, my self-confidence took a nose dive after the accident I suffered at eighteen, although I never took pride in myself before the almost fatalistic car accident.  Fifteen plus years later, I prayed to God and thus came where I could potentially treat peoples’ spiritual condition through blogging about True Life through Jesus Christ.



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